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Try Us Offer

Try Us Offer

You can try our casting technique and our lab for free!

We are so confident you will love our fabrication services we are willing to make a pair of our custom foot orthotics for you or a patient absolutely free.  Here is how the deal works:

  • All you need to do is order the A.C.T. Casting Pillow for $60 plus shipping.
  • We will send along 6 sets of impression cores for free.
  • When you send in your first pair we will fabricate them for you at no charge and send another set of impression cores.
  • You may then either continue to send in cores for fabrication or return the pillow and impression cores for a refund. All you risk is the cost of shipping.

Have questions or want to give us a try? Contact Us Below or Call us toll free
at 866-999-4338.

Please note this offer is ONLY for qualified medical professionals and does NOT apply to Birkenstocks.


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