We’re Dedicated to Your Patient’s Foot Health

Advanced Casting Technology fabricates the highest quality, handcrafted orthotics from your patient’s foot model. We accept your preference for a slipper cast, foam crush box, or 3D foot scan. Turnaround time in the lab is generally less than 72 hours, and our pricing policy is straightforward, with no hidden costs.

We are here to solve the most common complaints we hear about foot orthotics:

  1. They are too bulky and don’t fit any of my shoes.
  2. They are uncomfortable and don’t feel like they match my foot shape.
  3. It took forever to get them, and now they have to be sent back for adjustment.

Advanced Casting – Unique Orthotic Design

Our unique orthotic designs have evolved from nearly 25 years of experience with thousands of patients in our clinical facilities. This translates into better patient outcomes for our lab customers. We understand how important it is for the foot orthotics you dispense to fit your patients’ footwear and provide the desired function and control. Our lab is results-driven. We’re not about price or volume. We answer your questions and problem-solve with you on complex cases.

All Inclusive Pricing Model

Advanced Casting Technology offers a variety of construction types, including functional, accommodative or sport specific. Our methods allow practitioners to design a device for optimal control and versatility for each unique patient requirement. Our designs incorporate numerous top cover options. All additional accommodations are in the price, so you and your patients won’t have to assume the final cost. Advanced Casting simplifies ordering and pricing for you, your staff, and your patients.

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Advanced Casting provides physicians and their patients with competitively priced, medical-grade orthotics. We provide precisely what physicians order.

A line of custom orthotics being manufactured in the Advanced Casting Technology lab.
A custom orthotic being manufactured in the Advanced Casting Technology lab.