Our orthotic materials are made from the finest products to ensure exact fit and long-term wear.

Orthotic Materials

  • Graphite shell with or without rear foot post – Our most common build with semi-rigid flexibility. Great for running, hiking, all-day work, etc.
  • Nylon shell with or without rear foot post – Classic functional shell designed for all types of footwear, including dress shoes. It is especially suited for shoes that are slip-lasted or not flat inside—low volume, durable, and waterproof.
  • Slim nylon shell with or without rear foot post – A dress orthotic shell for women’s shoes and other low-volume footwear. It is also ideal for ice skates, Nordic ski boots, and cycling shoes.
  • Kydex® – Used primarily in our proprietary alpine ski boot orthotics. Full-length plastic design can be extrinsically posted and can incorporate boot heaters. Not suitable for full gait applications.
  • Nylon with EVA arch fill – great for accommodating designs, it has different flexibilities made from nylon and multiple densities of EVA.
  • 3mm copolymer with soft EVA archfill – a high-end diabetic design that is modifiable and reconditioned.