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Orthotic Materials

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Orthotic Materials


3 mm Copolymer Shell with Thermo-cork post & fill – Recommended for a wide variety of applications especially where biomechanical control is important or high patient weight is a factor. Custom shoe inserts and orthotics can be fabricated using any top cover and can incorporate additions like met pads/bars, extrinsic posts, spur cutouts and lifts. These orthotics are easily refurbished and modified. Expected durability of the shell is 5 years or more.

2 mm Copolymer Shell with Thermo-cork post & fill – Ideal for lighter weight patients (under 110 lbs.), geriatric and diabetic applications. Shell can also be filled with soft foam for more a more accommodative device.

Nylon Shell with rearfoot post – Classic functional shell designed for all types of footwear including dress shoes. Especially suited for shoes that are slip lasted or not flat inside. Low volume, durable and waterproof.

Slim Nylon Shell with rearfoot post – Dress orthotic shell for women’s shoes and other very low volume footwear. Also ideal for ice skates and cycling shoes.

Kydex® – Used primarily for alpine ski boot orthotics. Full length plastic design can be extrinsically posted and can incorporate boot heaters. Not suitable for full gait applications.

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