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Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are not one size fits all! Our ownership in a specialty shoe store gives us the knowledge to create orthotics that fit all shoes and activities. We understand the different shells, shell types, widths, and top cover materials necessary for all custom orthotics.

Made to Your Specifications

You provide your patients’ foot impressions, a weight-bearing tracing of their feet, and your design requirements. We will do the rest. We will size the footwear and fabricate them to your requirements. The finished product will provide comfort and efficacy in treating your patients’ therapeutic needs.

The A.C.T.™ Casting Pillow is designed to create an accurate and reproducible model of the foot. The unique pillow shape and density allow the uncompensated foot to be suspended while maintaining neutral subtalar joint alignment as it bears load. This produces a foot model that requires little if any modification in the lab.

The casting pillow contours to your patient’s foot, and the slow-recovery foam allows the rear-foot and mid-foot to be suspended, effectively enveloping the foot without the potential for ground reactive forces to cause distortion. The memory foam material gently compresses the soft tissue at the heel and mid-foot while the forefoot is allowed to splay naturally, as it does under normal load. With the subtalar joint in neutral, the thinner memory foam layer under the ball of the foot and toe area will capture the forefoot plane as neutral unless there is a rigid forefoot varus or valgus present.

The Advanced Casting A.C.T.™ pillows are designed as a single-component slow-recovery foam with a smooth durable exterior surface and it will not stick to the patient’s foot.

Quick Turnaround Means Happier Patients

Turnaround from the time we receive your impressions until you receive your custom footwear averages less than two weeks, including shipping time. We process your order in our lab within 72 hours, and our pricing policy is straightforward with no hidden costs. Express handling is available for an extra charge. Please call in advance for Express Handling.

Custom orthotics made by Advanced Casting Technology.