Customized Birkenstock as your orthopedic solution

Looking for custom sandals? Can orthotics fit in sandals?

YES! Customized Birkenstock sandals are personalized versions of the popular Birkenstock footwear brand. Birkenstock is debatably the most therapeutic footwear you can buy. However, they are not for everyone out of the box. If you have specific orthopedic needs, Advanced Casting can customize the footbed for your specific needs and provide additional support.

Authorized Birkenstock Store

As an industry leader in prescription Birkenstock sandals, Advanced Casting Technology offers more styles and a faster turn-around than anyone else in the business. Each pair is custom-made to your provided patient model and is expertly handcrafted by our in-house fabricators. The customized orthotic footbed features an UltraSuede® abrasion-resistant top cover and as always, an outsole that can be resoled.

A workbench with Birkenstock shoes in the Foot Dynamics shoe fabrication lab.

Made to Your Specifications

You simply provide your patients’ foot impressions, a weight bearing tracing of their feet and your design requirements. We will do the rest. We will size the footwear and fabricate them to your requirements. The finished product will provide both comfort and efficacy in treating your patients’ therapeutic needs.

Many Colors and Styles to Choose

We currently offer more than thirty of the most popular styles and colors of Birkenstock® sandals with new models being added each season. Our selection offers something for just about anyone’s tastes and needs.

Semi Weight-Bearing Impressions Assure Great Results

As makers of custom footwear, we prefer semi weight-bearing foot impressions to ensure a foot model that can be accurately sized and reproduced. The objective is to capture the foot shape in a corrected subtalar position while providing accurate arch length, heel width, forefoot splay and overall length. This assures a comfortable plantar foot shape where appropriate posting/corrections can be mode.

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