An Advanced Casting orthotic technician creating a custom orthotic in our on-site lab.

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Medical-Grade Orthotics Made in Boise, ID

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Advanced Casting Technology is a full-service fabrication lab producing high-quality foot orthotics in a variety of premium materials and constructions.

Our customers include nationally renowned sports medicine clinics, physical therapy facilities, podiatry offices, chiropractic sports specialists and industrial accounts from around the country. Our lab is big enough for mass productions but can accommodate “one off” special requests as well.

We Provide:

  • Specialty designs
  • Consistent results
  • Competitive pricing
  • 3-day turn around
  • Reconditioning service
  • Free adjustments
  • Personal attention

Are you an Individual Consumer?

Outside view of Foot Dynamics in Boise, Idaho.

Advanced Casting is co-owned with Foot Dynamics, a specialty shoe store and pedorthic clinic in Boise, Idaho, creating a unique understanding of the marriage between orthotics and the footwear they will be used in.

Foot Dynamics is a modern, sit-and-fit comfort shoe store, complimented by an on-site pedorthic clinic offering free foot assessments and a custom orthotics fabrication lab.