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BonesAdvanced Casting Technology is a full service central fabrication laboratory producing high quality foot orthotics in a variety of materials and constructions. Our modern production facility utilizes technologies not to be found in any other lab. Our customers include nationally renowned sports medicine clinics, physical therapy facilities, Podiatry offices, Chiropractic sports specialists and industrial accounts from around the country. What makes our lab so different is our A.C.T.™ weight bearing casting method.

A.C.T.™ is a multi-faceted foot orthotics and Custom Birkenstock fabrication lab that offers a proprietary casting technology and uniquely valid products to help dedicated health care practitioners provide a higher level of service. Learn More >>
Birkenstock® has had its roots in orthopedic footwear in Germany for over 200 years. Our A.C.T.™ Custom Orthotic cork footbed provides exceptional support and control. All footwear can be reconditioned at our service center. Learn More >>
Our A.C.T.™ Casting Pillow is designed to create an accurate and reproducible model of the foot. Our Pelvic Level can be the clinician’s most valuable tool for quick and accurate assessment of leg length discrepancies. Learn More >>
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A.C.T. Foot Impression TechniquesRunning Shoes Orthotics
While our lab can fabricate custom foot orthotics from a slipper cast or a foam impression, we prefer to use a weight-bearing impression method to capture the plantar shape of the foot. The reason for this is as follows: In casting the foot with plaster, the lateral column is loaded to lock the foot and approximate weight bearing.