At Advanced Casting Technology, we have two distinctly different orthotic constructions that provide a diverse array of orthotic devices. Our all-inclusive prices are based on our orthotic shell construction. This single price will include all cover materials and additions, excluding carbon fiber Morton’s extensions and contour plates. We allow you to design the device to your patient’s unique needs by specifying the orthotic shell material, top covers, and additions.

At A.C.T., we don’t have a “one style fits all” approach to custom orthotics. We provide orthotics that are truly customized for your patient and back our products with eager and available staff to help you with the design.

While we can fabricate from your neutral slipper casts and foam impression trays, we prefer using the Advanced Casting Technology weight-bearing impressions. This provides consistency, compliance, and efficacy. The Orthotic Order Form (PDF) lists the materials on the back of the form for quick reference.

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