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Print Lab™ Cavity Press

Print Lab™ Cavity Press

Print Lab™ Cavity Press

From patient model impressions to custom orthotic shells with no plaster or expensive milling equipment.

The Podiatech® Print Lab™ Cavity Press duplicates the shape of your patient’s foot model into a rigid cavity into which a variety of materials can be accurately molded. The Print Lab™ press is comprised of a heat resistant silicone bag filled with silicone sand. The bag is very soft and conforming when air is present in the bladder. When the air is evacuated it becomes rigid allowing a cavity to form around the shape of any object nested into it. Thermo moldable materials can then be formed into the cavity thus allow the original shape to be replicated. Additionally, the cavity can be manipulated like putty to allow the technician to create accommodations and modifications as required.

The Print Lab™ Cavity Press can be
used with the following materials:

A.C.T. Impression Cores  •  Polypropylene  •  Polyethylene

Nylon shells  •  Kydex®  •  EVA Sheet Goods  •  Thermo-cork

Diabetic Inlays  •  Heat Moldable Insoles  •  Birkocork®