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About A.C.T. Orthotics

A.C.T. Orthotics

About A.C.T. Orthotics

The three most common complaints with foot othotics:

  1. They are too bulky and don’t fit any of my shoes
  2. They are not comfortable and don’t feel like they match my foot shape
  3. It took forever to get them and now they have to be sent back for adjustment

Advanced Casting Technology fabricates the highest quality, handcrafted orthotics from your patient’s foot model. While we prefer to fabricate from our proprietary weight-bearing direct molded impressions, we also welcome foam impressions and slipper casts. Turn around time in the lab is generally less than 48 hours, and our pricing policy is straightforward with no hidden costs.

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The unique orthotic designs we offer have evolved from nearly 25-years of experience with thousands of patients in our clinical facilities. Our experience translates into better patient outcomes for our lab customers. We understand how important it is for the foot orthotics you dispense to fit your patients’ footwear and provide the desired function and control. Ours is a results (not price or volume) driven lab. We are available to answer your questions and to problem-solve with you on difficult cases.

Advanced Casting Technology offers two distinct constructions that utilize two different shell materials. Each shell material provides desirable properties for different applications. This allows the practitioner the ability to design a device that provides optimal control and versatility for each unique patient requirement. Our designs incorporate many different top cover options and all additional and accommodations are included int he price so you won’t wonder how much each pair will cost. This makes ordering and pricing simple and straight forward for you, your staff and your patients.

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We will gladly make a pair of orthotics for you or a patient at no charge. Click here for our Try Us Free special offer details.